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Three things to choose from is plenty. Give people more than three choices and confusion and decision making begin to retard the process. Give people only two choices and their aggravation at not having more to choose from begins to alienate the reader. If there is only one choice, and people still choose from their own volition, am I in or out? So, three, three is best.

What follows is suggestions for simplifying the
Palm Springs Writers Guild website.

Simplify. That is a complete sentence; a command. The subject is you, the verb is “simplify”, and you choose the object. Write well.

Three Things about us:

Who? a small group of area residents, all with an interest in writing, founded the Palm Springs Writers Guild

What? (from the About page)
to promote the art of writing among both aspiring and professional writers.
(from the PSWG Mission page)
The Palm Springs Writers Guild encourages, develops, and supports aspiring and established Coachella Valley writers.

Why? to provide both aspirational and functional guidance to current and future members through varied informational and immersive programs that provide value to all levels of writers –

A mission statement tells your reader what you hope to accomplish.

Three Things you can do:

Join, Volunteer, Write