Rouzell is a concatenation of my last name with my wife’s maiden name to form the name of our partnership in Rouzell Enterprises, Inc.

The unfortunate fact is that Rouzell conjures up no thoughts about technology, or computers, or networking, or support for any of those things. And that is the primary focus of Rouzell – compassion driven support services for users of computers, networks, printers, the Internet, and any other communications technology.
As we progress, we find that communication is key in every aspect of this business.

That being true, we blog, so you can see what we are thinking, what is happening with our business, and hopefully, to see that we are constantly striving to improve our service offering to you. Soon enough, there will be a few more websites dedicated to disseminating information about Rouzell and its offshoots.

Stay tuned for updates….


Diligently working toward becoming your Palm Desert SEO Expert; Rouzell Enterprises is a Palm Desert based company providing compassionate care to people who use computers. This includes computer support, computer training and network support, and social media training. If you have any need for SEO, or help with computers, networks, or social media, one call to Brian Rouley at Rouzell Enterprises is all it takes to get the help you need.