Easy Way to Start Your Blog

Searching: “easy way to start your own blog” will net “About 67,000,000 results (0.64 seconds) on Google. Do you suppose they are bragging just a bit by giving you the time it took to deliver those results? I think so!

Here’s the thing. There are just over 31.5 million seconds in each year. So, if you only spent 10 seconds looking at each of these results to see if it is useful, you’ll be done in about 20 years. Good news… there are better ways to start your blog.

For starters, you could search this with Bing and you get only 53,000,000 results. There, you’ve knocked a few years off your quest. Yes, tongue in cheek, otherwise this may very quickly become boring! Let’s stop with the numbers and get on with the words.

Seriously, now, I’m going to start a blog in less time than it takes me to type this article for you. And, I’m going to record my screen while I’m doing it and record myself on Facebook live as I do, for an extra special challenge.

Here’s the plan. I’m going to cheat.

After looking through some of the results returned by Google for that search, I’m going to review some of my own posts for instructions I’ve no doubt created and already forgotten by now. OK, finding – http://www.rouzell.net/2016/01/11/two-ways-to-start-a-blog/ – was as easy as searching for “Rouzell on blogging.” Nice!

Here, I’ve borrowed the steps from that blog post:

Here are three steps to starting a blog.
None of these is any easier than the others, and each step depends upon your approach, preconceived notions, and decision-making skills.
Leaving creativity out of this process will make things go quickly and get us to our goal of having a fully functional blog.
So, we build the frame, then paint the picture! (Put down your paintbrush and think, “structure.”)

  1. Think of your topic, subject matter, what you plan to present; and name it. (Ex. my grandkids photos or my novel approach or cooking with Kate, etc.)
  2. Using that name, create your blog on WordPress.com. (You must be able to log into your email to get through this step!)
  3. Customize your blog and modify existing content, or create new content. You are now a blogger!

Ready? Let’s begin.