Today, I listened with interest to a friend on the radio. Dominique Fruchtman is one of the owners of Desert Cow Computers and she now has her own time slot on the radio, Saturdays, at noon, on 1450 AM.

So many things I write today are all about communications in its many forms. Radio takes us right back to “old school” where there is nothing to post, nothing to read, no time to contemplate a well crafted response. You simply listen to someone who knows what she’s talking about, you drink it in (or take notes while having lunch, as I did), then it’s over. There, you had an hour to hear someone answer questions on technology – everything from viruses to backup and minimum specs for your next new computer, was yours for just tuning in and paying attention. My advice, tune in again, next week!

I’ll be back for more. For now, let me just say, congratulations Dom! You knocked it out of the park with your first at bat. I’m happy to call you friend.