Mouse Help Means Mouse Help Dot Com!

Funny thing is, I was trying to decide which of my website should get the SEO juice from this exercise. Then I noticed I had already made that call.

So, here it is. Maybe you need help with your mouse, so you search “mouse help” and you (at present, in March of 2018) do not find – will you get the help you need?
Do you think Microsoft is going to take your call with questions like: Can you help me with my mouse?

You are welcome to try that. You may also read their pages about all the steps you might take to troubleshoot the issue yourself. They tell you to try a different USB port, try unplugging your other USB attached devices, try another computer (seriously?) and they even offer to send you to another page to explore wireless or Bluetooth issues!

Troubleshooting: Mice – starts to sound like a rodent problem, doesn’t it?

Well, sure, but you really wanted help with your mouse, not a bunch of things you can try and more information than anyone can process in a day, right? Help in the form of a person who can come over, see what is or isn’t working and why and offer real solutions, not more web pages and dead-end recommendations. That’s why you should call mouse help dot com. There are no fewer than five opportunities to click links here that will provide contact information you need to summon real help from a live person.

So, go ahead – click then call. I’ll see you soon.

Brian Lee Rouley is