Image of Blog Post Steps

Failed Panda

Assuming you’ve created your document as a Word file and you’ve proofed and edited it to perfection…

Now you must “clean it” with a text editor to wash out the formatting and other stuff Microsoft Word does with word processing products.

These are the steps to create a new post.

  1. Click New at the top of the window or hover your mouse over Posts and select Add New.
  2. You’ll need the words that are the content of your new post and an image (or images) to illustrate the ideas expressed in your post.
  3. Copy and paste your words into the content area of the new post.
  4. Then cut the title line and paste that into the Title area of the new post.

The “copy and paste the words” steps.

  1. Copy and paste your words from the Word document into Notepad (or any text editor.)
  2. Make note of the formatting there for line feeds or other issues (like numbered or bulleted lists.)
  3. Copy and paste your words from the text editor into WordPress.

The “image (or images) to illustrate the ideas” steps.

  • If you have your image ready to go, we’ll simply upload that to WordPress and choose that media item to illustrate your idea.
  • If you don’t have an image, there’s a straightforward way to get free images which I’ll demonstrate here.
  • Uploading of images can be done in a few ways and the options for your image are also adjustments you’ll want to make.


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