Here is my first post by email

Just go to to check it out. Here we detail my blogging beginnings…

We missed one crucial step – at the first page in the control panel – under Dashboard, click on My Blogs.

That is where you start the set up for email to blog and where your secret email address will be created by wordpress.

If this works, this email will be posted to my site.

Please work!@

Originally posted in 2010, when I was just getting into blogging, setting up the ability to post via email seemed almost counterintuitive. As in, when I send an email, I’m expecting a reply or I’m sending information that includes attachments, or images, or whatever. Then I realized, it makes perfect sense (especially for a photographer who had asked me to set this up for her) to simply send an image with some text to an email address and have it magically appear on your blog. Things have gotten so much better since then and I use a different plug in for this activity that has many more features.

Mousehelp notes:

While mousehelp dot net is new, I’ll be pulling some gems from – as it slowly fades and their are years of material to glean from those pages…

In a few days more than three short weeks, I have to decide if I am truly willing to begin again.