“It’s Free And Always Will Be”

That’s what it says on Facebook’s Sign Up page. Funny thing is, most spam filters have the word, “free” as one of many triggers. By that I mean if “free” is in the subject line of an email, it may be filtered into your spam folder. No, I’m not saying Facebook is spam, I’m saying you should be careful with anything that is purported to be free.

Facebook has a cost and a value that is incalculable. It is one of those proverbial double-edged swords and one might say you get out of it what you put into it. The double-edged part is that you could spend many hours and days as a consumer on Facebook, and you can share a lifetime of memories there that will be fed back to you through the years. There are many lifetimes of photos, status reports, comments, and now videos for you to see on this most popular Social Media channel.

Getting out of it what you put into it is where the gold is… If you add interesting content, make enough friends, and cultivate a following, it can be a free and invaluable place to generate interest in your work, in you as a person, and certainly as an author. After all, even though a picture is worth a thousand words, people still do buy books.

Free also has a price in terms of control, as in, you have no control over what Facebook does with your content. If the site were to be shuttered tomorrow, there would be a global outcry as to the loss of personal information people have shared over the years. Yes, you own your content, but you may wish to read the documents that detail the terms and conditions of using Facebook. The first part is only a little more than 3400 words and there are supplemental documents further explaining things if you wish to continue. Finally, there’s the issue of privacy. This author’s opinion is that almost anything you post on the Internet (or put into an email message, for that matter) is NOT private. In Facebook terms, you have some control over who may or may not see your content. Again, I say, be careful what you post and assume anyone who sees it may share it with anyone else.

You are free to explore the details of any of this and I’ll be happy to correct any errors you find in the information provided here. Find me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, check my YouTube channel, and of course, come back here for more of Mousehelp dot net.