banner[1]Echoing the description of this page from Insurance Journal (Article By Laird Rixford | March 10, 2014 in Insurance Journal), I’m tempted to make some snide remark about Ostriches hiding their heads in the sand. “If you feel surprised by this news, you should know Microsoft actually announced in 2007 they were planning to end support of Windows XP.”

But, I won’t make that comment. Simply note that you can probably find thousands of sources for this information, – actually, About 8,510,000 results – written by many authors in many industries. Why? Because Windows XP was probably one of the best operating systems devised by Microsoft and is still running on millions of desktops and laptops all over the world.

I’ve deliberated on the best way to get this information out to my clients, but now I’ve waited too long and the end is near. Yesterday was “patch Tuesday” and this batch of fixes issued by Microsoft is reported to be the last you’ll get for XP. The next “patch Tuesday” is actually on April 8th – the date they’ve chosen to end support of XP.
It seems to me they should issue one more set of updates, as a parting gift.  But, enough about what I think.

Here is another article, by Kim Komando. I’m not sure she isn’t being facetious with this statement: “If you have an XP computer and just browse the Internet occasionally, without the use of passwords for anything ever, you’re probably fine as well.”

My thinking is a bit more extreme – it goes like this: If you disconnect your XP computer from the Internet and never use it again for any online activity, you’ll be safe from security vulnerabilities. I’m only half-kidding here, because you might run some piece of software that actually has no need for a connection to anything. If all you do is work that is stored on your local computer, you can disconnect and continue merrily on your way.

Call me if you need help with this transition. Windows 7 is two steps up from XP and worth every penny of the upgrade cost. You may need a bit of assistance with learning many of the new features in Windows 7, but for the most part, it is every bit as good and much improved, when compared to XP.

Call me anyway, for any help you need with computing and communications.