This has been one of those days where being pulled in only a dozen directions has produced a trail of website links readers might find interesting. Some of them were collected as part of the research I’m doing for clients, some of them come from research I’m doing for this blog, and still others result from my need to keep up with technology changes as applied to my own computing environment, along with knowledge I need to keep my clients’ computers up and running, to prevent data loss, or to improve performance on all of the computers I’m privileged to service. That’s a lot of “somes!”

Oh, I almost left out one of the best things I found, clear and clever writing from an attorney friend of mine, discussing the fleeting nature of fame and the enduring aspects of constant change. His latest blog article includes the line: “It was all quite jolly.” There’s something you don’t hear everyday!

cumulus globalBy now, you may already know Microsoft is going to retire Windows XP. Looking at information about that led me down a path to other “retired” things by Microsoft, like Live Mesh. I ended up removing Live Essentials from my computer, in an effort to improve performance. This also meshed nicely with a comparison of sync to the cloud service offerings, including Microsoft’s SkyDrive. Along the way, I found this blog, which looks promising and complex, so of course, I’ll save that for later review. Did I mention you might use Sync as a backup strategy? I do.

For your reading pleasure, here is a little snippet of Microsoft tech-speak:
Windows Live Sync was retired February 2013, and remote desktop and peer-to-peer syncing have stopped working. If you still have Mesh installed on a computer, you might see the message, “Sorry, there is a problem with the Windows Live Sync servers.” Thanks, guys. Without your continuing efforts to perplex and confuse, I would not have so much work to do! If you have some time, search, “microsoft confused and perplexed” and wallow in the nearly 7 million results. Or, just keep reading here!

A link to “the daily love” is in my list, most likely, for my personal blogging needs later this evening. You can find that stuff on – it’s mostly non-technical. Likewise, there’s a link to CreateSpace, where I’m working on a book about blogging and blogger’s topics.

Lastly, and most likely with the highest relevance to what I do for a living, was this link to an Internet Marketing website. I spend a fair amount of time on sites like these, getting ideas from other people who work in my industry. Almost without exception, there are a few pearls of wisdom to be gleaned from this effort.

That is all.