Is this concept ahead of its time?

It took a while for people to understand the meaning of the word, “cloud.” Cloud-based storage of your documents will likely never relieve you of the need for paper copies in myriad file cabinet drawers. So, the idea of printed business cards may be slightly difficult to overcome. If this guy has done his research and if what he says is true, these paper things have been around for more than five centuries. That’s something like “the world is flat” in terms of how hard it may be to beat popular culture when it comes to an ingrained concept.

This is the 21st century. Are you still stuck in the 20th century? Do you still hand someone a piece of paper and expect them to do something with it? There is so much obligation attached to that exchange. The first is, “Please don’t lose my business card!” Then, if someone does hold onto it, you have to wonder about what they did with it. Likely you have a stack, or a box, or a drawer full of paper business cards you’ve collected through the years. Sure, you’ll get to them someday. Or, perhaps you are diligent and you enter every last detail from every card you’ve ever received into your contacts database, or whatever you use to track such valuable information. Good for you!

In the end, it is access to that contact information that provides value. Ask yourself what you use today when you want to contact someone. Very likely the answer is in the palm of your hand. Your smartphone is probably what you use to make a call, send a text, send an email, or find a physical address. All of those needs are immediately available to your contacts with this one little app called vCardGlobal.

Going back to paragraph one, it may take some explaining for people who receive your digital business card to get on board with this new idea. But, consider the benefits to you and your recipient.

  1. You will never again run out of business cards.
  2. Your card can be updated with new information and everyone who has it will instantly have that new information. Wait until you see what’s possible!
  3. Paper. We don’t need no stinkin’ paper! Seriously, think conservation, people.
  4. No obligation, no need for the recipient to do anything except use a smartphone to contact you and, here’s the kicker…
  5. Your contact information can be shared by the recipient with anyone else who needs your business card. It’s as if you have handed them a box of your cards to hand out to their friends and business associates.
  6. You now have a 21st century Internet based website and app that allows you to send your business card to anyone, anywhere, and you can post it on every Social Media channel available to you. You are a cloud-based user by now, right?
  7. Your recipients are given the same opportunity to get on board with what works today. Just scroll to the bottom of my business card and click on that big yellow button to get started. If you need any help putting your card together, call or write. I’m here for you.