This site is all about blogging, especially as the activity relates to elderly people, who may be relatively new to social media and/or computers in general. The pages here and the blog posts you’ll find on this site are about how to get started, how to choose a good place to host your journal entries (known as blog posts), and how to use this activity as a regular exercise for working your brain.

You’ll notice that the blog posts here are arranged from newest to oldest, something like the order of an inbox. This may not be the best arrangement for a first time viewer. So, at the bottom of this page you’ll find the list in chronological order, as reading the first post first is probably more advantageous to a new reader. Since each new post may reference material from earlier posts, it makes more sense to see things in this order.

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We hope to provide a valuable service to anyone who wants to start blogging.
Thank you for your interest.

Here, for your perusal, are the first few posts of this blog on blogging:

A Blogging Primer for Adults

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