Here are three steps for starting a blog.

Each step depends upon your approach, preconceived notions, and decision-making skills.
Leaving creativity out of this process will make things go quickly. Our goal is to have a functional blog where we can then feel free to express our creative skills.
So, we build the frame, then paint the picture!
(Put down your paintbrush and think, “structure.”)

  1. Think of your topic, subject matter, what you plan to present; and name it. (Ex. my grandkids photos or my novel approach or cooking with Kate, etc.)
  2. Using that name, create your blog on (You must be able to log into your email to get through this step!)
  3. Customize your blog and modify existing content, or create new content. You are now a blogger!

Ready? Let’s begin.

Watch a 10-minute video (with stumbles and mistakes along the way) that shows how quickly you can start a blog.