html_cssWhen I first started doing web pages, I simply found the source code for something I wanted to emulate, then figured out how to modify it to suit my needs. Sometimes (not often, these days), I come across a site design that is so clean and simple, it reminds me of my humble beginnings.

Such is the case with BrainTraffic  – when I landed on their site, as a result of perusing their book “Content Strategy for the Web” at Barnes and Noble
– I found a clean layout and about a page and a half of source code!

So, I borrowed their source code and put my own content in place. Magically, I have a site that is also clean and simple. Although I use WordPress for most of my current sites, I still like messing with HTML and CSS and getting back to my roots for a few hours. I’m hoping the folks at BrainTraffic will appreciate this shout out and the links back to their pages.

Their page: BrainTraffic

Their book page: Content Strategy for the Web