What would you expect to find in your results from a search of:

The most popular Facebook pages – in pictures

In 2016 (October 14, to be specific) The Telegraph’s Technology Intelligence posted a list of the top 10. Here’s the kicker!
(pun intended)
Four of the top ten were about “football” or “footballers” – and I don’t mean the NFL, Americans…

Why, then, you may ask, did I put Pretty Girls in the title of this post? It is because I read this in a book some time ago, that pretty girls and puppies are what draw the most attention. Having learned that so long ago, I put it to the test. When I posted a photo of my niece, Nathalie Dalzell, on my Facebook page to see what would happen, I got results. More people clicked on that post and engagement was through the roof! QED, I thought.

Now I know two things.
One thing I know is that soccer is where the action is, purely for the numbers of fans (if every one of them sends me a penny, I’m done.)
Two is those pretty girls still attract attention and clicks and these images may be used to get results.
So, now I’m going to go find as many pretty female soccer players’ images as I can get for free and double down on this experiment. (Kidding)

Mouse help is more than just computers. Mouse help is all about communications in every form.
Mouse help highly recommends you use social media to draw attention to your blog posts and your blog posts should gently guide readers to your main website. For me, that’s where mouse help seekers should eventually land.

Do you know the value of being found for a simple search term, like “mouse help?”

Should I have titled this post, “Mouse help on click bait?”